Cool Tip #042: Five (5) ways to know when you should go back to the Philippines for good


When should an OFW go back to the Philippines? When should an OFW stop being an OFW? One would think that the OFW life is forever—but it isn’t. The reality is that there are people who want the OFW life to stop. There are OFWs who can’t stand being separated from their loved ones, and on the flip side, there are those in the Philippines who want their OFW parent/s to go back in order for the family to be complete. Indeed, the question is when should you go back to the Philippines for good? How can you know this? Here at OFW on Air, we have some short guidelines on how you can determine this for yourself:

  1. When your family needs you. You should go back home when your family situation calls for it. For instance, your children may be needing a parent by their side in their life now—maybe long-distance parenting is no longer working. Or maybe your parents need someone to take care of them. Or perhaps there is a family situation that needs you to be there in order to be resolved. Whatever the cause, if your family needs you by their side more so than you working abroad, then maybe it’s time to stop the OFW life and head back home.
  2. When it is not safe abroad. Be it war, or political instability, or dangerous working conditions, you should know better to go back home than to continue endangering your life as an OFW. Remember your purpose as to why you became an OFW in the first place. If something were to happen to you, then you won’t be able to carry out your mission. Also, a lot of people care about your well-being! Save them the worry and go back home when it’s no longer safe.
  3. When you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. When you have enough savings to start anew or live comfortably in the Philippines with your loved ones, then perhaps it’s time to stop being an OFW. When your children have all graduated and have stable jobs, then perhaps it’s time to stop being an OFW. After all, among other things, these were what you wanted to accomplish abroad. Of course, this will require effort on your part to actually have some savings and to have spent your money wisely. This will also require effort on the part of your loved ones back home, that they are also able to save part of the money you send them and that they spend it on what needs spending on! A lot of people stay OFWs for a very long time just because they (or their loved ones) can’t seem to handle their money wisely. Have a good grip on your finances so you can prevent this from happening! (check out our cool tip on how to handle your finances here)
  4. When you are established back home. While being an OFW, it is a good idea to pursue some investments in the Philippines. Maybe you can start up a business back home using the money you’ve earned from working abroad? Eventually, you will have established yourself and you no longer have to be an OFW to support yourself and your family. What’s more: you can have an even better life back in the Philippines than when you were working abroad. So if this is the situation for you, then you should seriously consider packing up and going back to the Philippines for good.
  5. When you want to. At times, it’s just gut feel. You feel the need to go back home and stop being an OFW for various reasons. And when this happens, the decision is of course entirely up to you. Just make sure you have considered all the possible consequences and you have duly prepared yourself for the things to come.

Working abroad can be a nice experience for Filipinos—you see a lot of different places, you earn a lot of money, you are working towards a bright future, etc. However, one needs to realize that you can’t be an OFW forever and you have to know when to stop (of course, if you plan on living abroad, then that’s another story). Obviously, there could still be other reasons for going home for good. If you have one, please share with us by commenting.  We would love to hear from you.

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