Cool Tip #052: Top Seven (7) “Final Words” to Your Loved Ones Before You Leave and Work Abroad


When you’re leaving as an OFW for the first time, or even for the second or third time for that matter, you must be thinking of what you should tell your loved ones before you leave. You must be thinking: ano kaya ang mga dapat kong ibilin sa kanila? This is very important, especially since you want your loved ones to be as prepared as possible for the life ahead, for when you leave and work abroad as an OFW.  If you’re thinking about these things then, well, you’re in luck because to help you with your thinking, we have some bilin suggestions for you:

  1. “Make it count.” Surely, you want to make sure that your being an OFW is worth it—not just for you, but for your loved ones. So, let your loved ones know that they should also do their part to make your efforts count. To your children, tell them to study as best as they can, to finish their education, and to behave well. To your spouse, or parents, or guardian/s of your children (or whoever will be left behind in your stead), tell them to guide the children well, to plan out how best to take advantage of the additional income you are providing, to avoid vices, illegal engagements, and bad influences, and to do their best to make your sacrifice as an OFW count.
  2. “Take good care of each other.” Tell your loved ones to take care of each other, to continue loving and supporting each other. Tell them that they should not fall out and begin fighting each other just because you’re not there. Let them know how much this means to you so that when you come back from being an OFW one day, everyone (including you) will be happy and there are no big, messy family-related problems to face.
  3. “Use the money wisely.” I don’t think we have to emphasize this further. Perhaps the main reason why you chose to be an OFW was so that you can earn enough money to send to your loved ones back home and give them the good quality of life you think they deserve. And so it follows that you have to specifically, explicitly ask your loved ones to use this money for actually improving the state of their lives and not for worthless or bad pursuits.
  4. “In case of emergency…” Before you leave, you have to let your loved ones know what to do in case you experience an emergency while working abroad. Let them know who to contact and what procedures they have to carry out for you. While we’re on the topic, you should consider letting your loved ones know, in the first place, what kind of emergency situations can happen to you as you work abroad. Doing all of these things will certainly help prepare your loved ones for the worst, just to be safe in case the worst does happen (and we’re hoping it never happens for you).
  5. “Keep in touch.” Let your loved ones know that you intend to stay connected with them while you’re abroad and that they should also intend the same thing for you. Give them ways on how they can communicate with you abroad before you set off, so that there’s no excuse for them to not be able to contact you. In this technologically-advanced age, there should be numerous ways for you and your loved ones to be able to communicate with each other despite the miles and miles of separation.
  6. “Here’s what you should expect…” Set the right expectations with your loved ones regarding your being an OFW. Let them know what you expect the OFW life to be, and what they should expect it to be as well. Let them know of the common misconceptions people have regarding OFWs (see our previous cool tip on this here), and correct these misconceptions with them as soon as you can. Being an OFW is not easy—be sure to get this message across to them so that they will not expect more than what you can realistically provide them once you are actually abroad and working.
  7. “I’ll see you soon.” And finally, we have this, the promise that you will be back home again soon and that you will all be together again. Tell them that you will be back, that your loved ones should eagerly wait for your return, and that they should not lose hope in the notion that everything will be all right. Of course, you will necessarily have to follow through on your promise and come back after your work abroad is done (or at least during your vacation period) to solidify this hope and give your loved ones something to really look forward to in the future.

Have any more bilin suggestions for your fellow OFWs and OFW aspirants? Comment them below, or email us at so we can add them to our cool tip above! See you in our next cool tip!