Cool Tip #059: Eight (8) Life Lessons from Kuya Tsong

OFWonAIR Cooltips 59

Hello there mga Ka-tsong! From all of us here at OFW on Air, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas! We hope you all had wonderful times with your families and friends in this season of love, joy, and hope. And as if we did not have enough food to stuff ourselves with, here comes the new year right around the corner. So, mauuna na kami sa pagbati: Happy 2018!! May the coming year be prosperous for all of us. 🙂 As we end one year and start another, it’s always nice to look back and take note of all the life lessons we’ve learned along the way. We’re fortunate that for our last cool tip of 2017, we have no less than Kuya Tsong sharing his own list of life lessons for the year. Perhaps we can all learn something from these lessons and take them to heart as we start the new year. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. Hardship in life can serve as an immense source of motivation to change. Don’t see your problems as things to pull you down; rather, see them as things that lift you up. See your hardships in a different light. Learn from them, use these difficulties to give you more reason to achieve your goals and live a better life. Think of it this way: at the lowest points of our lives, there really is nowhere to go but up.
  2. Time is the greatest equalizer in life. Everyone is born on equal footing. In eyes of Father Time, no one is born rich or poor. Sure, one may be born into better life circumstances than others, but ultimately it is our own actions which determine how well we will live in the long run. So, always make the best use of your time. Instead of being lazy and sleeping in the house all day, why don’t you be proactive and go hunt for jobs? Can’t find a job, why don’t you think of starting a small business? Still can’t do that – maybe work on a blog? Whatever it is, surely it is better than doing nothing. Always remember that with time, all things are possible.
  3. Saying yes is the same as saying no to other commitments. Life is a series of trade-offs. Every time you make a choice, by definition, you are saying no to the other options available out there. Keep this in mind as you make your day-to-day decisions: what am I giving up by choosing this? Remember that everything has a price. Some costs may not be as obvious as others, which is why you always have to think your choices through before you make them.
  4. Spend time on social media wisely. Social media is like money. How? Both of them can be so attractive, so addicting that you can end up being a slave to either of them. A lot of people get very much attached to social media 24/7 – be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Don’t be one of these people; don’t spend unreasonable and unhealthy amounts of your time on your social media accounts every day. Your time has better uses than this. For instance, you can try learning a new skill instead – there are tons of free online courses out there now. If you still really want to stick to social media, then we suggest being productive while doing so by perhaps using it as an outlet for helping others, e.g. starting a page to teach a skill for free, to disseminate relevant information for OFWs in a certain location, or to provide inspiration to OFWs. That way, your time is used in a better way than just endlessly scrolling down your news feed.
  5. It is easy to complain, what is hard is taking steps to address the issue. It is definitely okay to vent off all your life/work problems to someone from time to time. We’re simply human after all. However, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to complain in the first place? Wouldn’t it be better to confront the problem and do something about it? Whenever you are experiencing life issues, take action to resolve them as soon as you can. The first step is usually to identify the problem itself. If you need help getting through your issues, feel free to ask others. Know that if you leave your problems unsolved too long, they may grow into something that is too big to handle. At this point, you may be in for a lifetime of complaining and no one wants that.
  6. Love yourself more, close your eyes! In a world where a lot are competing for your attention, closing your eyes can be both stress-relieving and reassuring. Having time for one’s self is healthy. It gives you an opportunity to collect yourself, think, and reflect on the things you’ve done in life. So, whenever the world around you gets too busy, you know what to do: just close your eyes!
  7. Respect is given to one who deserves it. If you want to be respected, then start by earning that respect from others. And how can you do that? Simple: be respectful yourself. Be kind. Be sensitive of others around you. Always do things with good intentions. In your workplace, respect your superiors and your workmates. Don’t forget that rule: do unto others what you want others to do unto you.
  8. Pray always, for it works. And for the last lesson of today: pray. Simple as that. If you are going through any sort of trouble in life, if you want to receive some guidance, if you want to wish your loved ones well, or if you just want to be thankful for all the blessings you’ve received, then pray. Praying will always give you relief, and it will always lead you to the right path, one way or another.

With these life lessons, we hope that your next year will be even more awesome than ever before! Here’s to new beginnings, new hopes, and new dreams (and of course, another year with you guys). Cheers, and see you all next year! 🙂